Brand Story

It all started with a idea, curiosity and some creativity. The year was 2021 as New York City was preparing to lift the quarantine ban due to COVID-19, So New Yorkers can continue to thrive in the MECCA (the city of dreams) I was safely trying to figure out a way to celebrate my birthday. I wanted to get a usual fly outfit and gather with some close friends and family for dinner if possible. I always been a fashionable guy growing up in Harlem,New York so you know getting fresh is culture for us. This paticular year i  wanted to try something new and create my own piece of clothing to go with my birthday fit.So i personalize a t-shirt first and had a friend create the logo for me, And when I wore the shirt out to dinner I got alot of compliments on the shirt, As well as interest into where they can get one from. After that feeling of gratitude I knew I had something here. So I got straight to work and the rest is history. Barreto&Co.respresents.Family,Legacy, strength and ambition. Barreto&Co is not just a trend, It's the standard for everyday smart casual clothing that'll have you looking good and feeling good in any situation. 

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